Fulda – Castle Mackenzell

Description of the property

Today's Mackenzell Castle was mentioned for the first time in 1146. The castle obtained its present appearance from 1606 to 1622, when it was extensively rebuilt by Johann Friedrich von Schwalbach. Since the 1950s, the castle has served as residential space and was later used as a recreation and treatment center for a few years. The historic half-timbered house, that belongs to the castle grounds, is particularly attractive. Thanks to the massive construction and the attractive, historic appearance, the castle is currently rented out by the Guttempler Hilfswerk e.V., a charity organization.

As the site has existed for several centuries, many unique artifacts of history give the site a special atmosphere. These include e.g. richly decorated wooden elements such as doors and support beams as well as the original stone staircases. A modern new building from 2005 is also part of the castle grounds.

Location and surroundings

Mackenzell is located at the outskirt of the economically strong Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region and has about 2,000 inhabitants. It has a restaurant, which offers traditional Hessian food, and several schools in close proximity. A bank, a sports club and shopping opportunities are available in the downtown area.

The city of Fulda is about 15 km away. As the ninth largest city in Hesse and the largest city in the eastern Hesse region, Fulda is seen as its political and cultural center.

AddressBurgstraße 1 and 3, 36088 Mackenzell
Key factsFloor space: approx. 1,250 sq mUsable area: approx. 480 sq mApartments: 41Number of buildings: 4