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Full service in CONSTRUCTION and project MANAGEMENT

Our work starts with a vision, from which we oversee the creation of a new home. A fluent process and cost-efficient implementation of a construction project require an experienced construction and project management, which is already introduced in the planning phase, and takes on the complete project management until finalisation. It monitors all processes connected with the construction plan.

With constant coordination with sales partners, our construction projects may be planned and developed to suit the market from the very start. Our partners in construction and project management are familiar with the duties imposed by the regional authorities and, thanks to their many years of experience in the construction sector, they have excellent contacts with construction companies. Once projects are finished, for selected projects the construction and project management team also ensures a reliable property management either by members of its own staff or by local property management companies.

Real Estate - Deutsche Baukultur

Building for the FUTURE

In all our projects we pursue our aim of creating high-quality residential space. We generate this high quality by, for one thing, innovative execution of the construction work using the latest techniques and energy standards and, for another, modern, timeless design. Because as a rule a private or institutional real estate investment is a long-term asset, all our construction plans are based on long-term benefits.

Our projects pursue modern living concepts at modern locations. The focus of our work is therefore on the development of high-quality new builds. In addition, we also contribute to the maintenance and increase of value of listed buildings. In respect thereof we revitalise listed buildings and, if possible, extend them with new modern constructions. With these hybrid projects we create a visually sophisticated and economically and ecologically efficient integration of historic and modern building styles. At the same time, we transfer the existing fabric of buildings to the present time and make them useable for future generations.