Our mission

Focus on the future

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„When selecting our projects, not only do we look at the present requirements of the housing market but we also focus on the future.“

Viktor Karp

A SECURE foundation

Ownership provides security. Real estate in particular has proven itself to be a safe investment and serves as a capital investment and old-age provision, especially for private investors. Constant increases in value and the growing demand of living space not only guarantee a growth in value for owner-occupiers but also ensure the future rentability of a property, if desired.

In order to track down first-class buildings and properties for our construction projects, we work with selected sources. With know-how, strategic skill and careful observation of regional and national markets, our partners succeed in locating properties with particularly high potential. Thanks to close collaboration, even at this initial stage we identify various opportunities for the use of a plot and can assess these together with our partners. The final construction plan therefore benefits from a multi-layered expertise.

We implement projects not only at locations that currently show great commercial potential and therefore have a great demand of modern living space, but also at locations that will gain in influence in the future. Most of the construction plans that we manage are hence located in

  • Baden-Württemberg with the commercially strong conurbations of Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart and numerous renowned universities such as Freiburg, Heidelberg and Konstanz.
  • Hessen. The European financial centre of Frankfurt am Main has a great demand of property to suit its requirements.
  • Rhineland-Palatine, because of its close proximity to all the major EU centres in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. These locations expect a high demand of living space in the future.